Positive chi energy in your life is achieved by balance, according to Feng Shui.  Chi energy and overall balance improves life, as one is living in harmony with nature.  Kirk Clark’s Bagua poetry communicates, in a very Zen fashion, the achievement of that balance as he promotes the positive energy in his every day life.

Traditionally, each area of a space is believed to relate to various aspects of life and is divided into categories concerning i.e. physical and emotional aspects of life like family, career etc.  These aspects are expressed in Feng Shui by using direction as related to center as well as by color.  The Bagua is a fundamental philosophical principle in ancient China.

In Clark’s vernacular, the Bagua poem is an ancient form defined eight lines and five words per line.  This spare form helps distil the essence of the experience. Each poem is a controlled meditation on an experience defined by a particular related aspect of the Bagua.  Many of his Baguas were inspired by a wonderful weekend trip through The Valley Land Fund to Rancho del Cielo high in the Sierra Madre. El Cielo is above 3,000 ft. in the Relic Cloud Forest high above Gomez-Farias, a friendly Mexican town below the Eastern escarpment of Mexico.  In his poetic works, Clark has expresses the unique associations of his life using the controlled language of poetic memory.

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