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“Soul Fragments” Opens

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The title of my art  show at the Sebastian Foundation in Mexico City is, “Soul Fragments”. This new series developed out of an earlier series of paintings titled, “Soul Searching”. Both series are based on the visualization of sound and the science of cymatics, derived from the Greek “ta kymatica”, meaning “matters pertaining to waves”.

My personal discovery and  understanding of synesthesia developed from my  interest in cymatics, beginning in 2005.  Five years earlier, I attended a series of lectures by Dr. Bernie Krause at the Tropical Nature festival. Dr. Krause was the lead guitarist for many years for Bob Seger, as well as the Miller Family bands. A friend of Dr. Krause had once suggested he record the sounds of nature and play his guitar in the background. When he did he become so fascinated with what he recorded in natural habitats that he traveled the world in this pursuit. I too became enamored of the sounds. I bought his whole series of recordings of the sounds of  wildlife habitats from around the world and listened to them for many hours.

The sounds he gathered from underwater in Antarctica captivated me. I listened to that particular recording for hundreds of hours. I felt like a human tuning fork and began to visualize the vibrations and as the octave levels of the sound changed, I was visualizing different colors. I could not stop painting what I was hearing and completed over 300 paintings in the next 12 months in a series I titled,” Shock Wave”.

I then discovered that there was an eerie similarity between what I visualized while listening to Dr. Krause’s underwater recordings and what I experienced snorkeling over a coral reef in the Virgin Islands. I combined those two perspectives into a series titled, “The Universe Below”, which combined a view of outer space through the Hubble telescope and a view of snorkeling over a coral reef. The overall theme was and is, “No matter where you look, God is.”

During this time the book, “Belonging to the Universe, Explorations on the Frontiers of Science and Spirituality”, by Fritjof Capra (who also wrote “The Tao of Physics” and the ” Web of Life,” with co-author, David Steindl-Rast) had a profound effect on the art work that seemed to pour out of me. Between this treasured book and the Krause recordings, I began to see the connection between my personal spirituality and my love of physics and biology. It suddenly occurred to me that all life is connected and that all creation was connected by the vibratory nature of matter. It seemed that somehow I could visualize the harmonic resonance of God’s creation of the universe. I was fascinated with this possibility

In 2005, I asked myself a life changing question, “Can I visualize human souls?”. At an early age of  3 or 4 , I was aware of the aura of others. I thought  everyone saw auras, which I had always discerned to be the visualization of another human being’s, spirit. Not many people admitted that they could see auras. I was astonished. Over the last 9 years, I have painted hundreds of souls, some I knew, many I did not. I do not know how, but I seem to be able to visualize the high frequency of a person’s soul and that is what I paint.

The series that I call “Soul Fragments” comes from my personal belief that God is pure love and pure light. If I am right, surely our souls are a gift from God of His essence. I attempt to paint the fusion between God’s gift of our souls with the Higgs Boson level of an atom, as the first manifestation of incarnation, God making us His own.

I generally paint on mylar with acrylic paint, using a kitchen spatula, followed by dots made with the rounded tip of a paint brush. The dots represent the visualization of molecules of  sound transformed into photons and waves of light. When you observe my paintings, I would love for you to see the beauty of your own soul.

I am in God and God is in me, as a drop of water is in the sea. God created us all, in my belief system. He is the light of the world and creator of the Universe.

I hope that you see the beauty of YOU in my art. Enjoy and Thank you!

Spirit Engaged,

Kirk Clark