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Taos, NM on November 12, 2011

“Soul Searching”
Taos, NM on November 12, 2011

Contacts: Julia Pyatt, Press Agent
(575) 779-4778
DeAnna Garza, Art Assistant to Mr. Clark
(956) 451-0774

A collaborative venture of art, spirituality, soul and science with artists Dan Vigil and Kirk Clark

Gallery Elena and Graphic Impressions
111 Morada Lane
Taos, New Mexico

Demos: Dan Vigil, November 10, 2-6 PM – Kirk Clark, November 11, 2-6PM, Graphic Impressions

Art Opening – Saturday November 12, 6-8PM, Gallery Elena

NEW!  Radio Interview with Kirk Clark on 11/9/2011 – Listen Here: Las Ocho

by Dan Vigil. (Photo: Jill Caven)

Taos artist, Dan Vigil, is known nationally and internationally by contemporary collectors and galleries for his abstract impressionist paintings and monoprints. Vigil’s work depicts a powerful sense of design, strong spiritual and iconic symbolism, emotional beauty and masterful technical skills learned through art school, years of experience and his late father, acclaimed Southwestern artist, Veloy Vigil. The art of soul searching is a significant departure for Vigil. He has become aware of honoring and understanding the process instead of relying purely on his intuitive impulses, technical skills, and popular style as a catalyst for creation.

by Dan Vigil (Photo: Jill Caven)

Honoring the process allows him the freedom to fully accept himself and his art devoid of social structures and their associated challenges. Going deep into the journey of the soul though his art is what’s important to Vigil. Vigil says “In my experience, artists can fall into the trap of creating what people like instead of what is stirring in the artist’s soul. It takes time for the stirrings to percolate to the surface and onto the canvas. I am more interested in that journey and the intuitive actions that get me from one creative idea to the other.” “The catalyst for my new way of creating came from the downward trend in the economy. I found myself caught between making money and creating art for galleries, and my old formula of meeting deadlines wasn’t working for me anymore.”

South Texas artist, Kirk Clark attempts to interpret the harmonic resonance of creation through the alchemy of the macro to the subatomic. He says “I have always had the strong presence of God in my life. My art attempts to express that love for God, our creator.” It is his belief that God vocally commanded the Universe to begin, and the harmonic resonance from that sound continues today in everything living or not. “In the beginning there was God, and God was the word.” Clark says: “When I hear sound, I visualize the molecular structure of sound, the patterns of sound. At different octave levels, I see color”. The science of Cymatics, the visualization of sound, is about the patterns that are created by sound. In his view, these patterns are the foundation of the fractal nature of our universe and all of God’s creation. He believes that the human soul resonates at the highest frequency and is the most difficult resonance to visualize.

"Web of Life II" by Kirk Clark (Photo: Lori Bravo)

His Soul Searching series attempts to portray what he visualizes when he considers what an individual’s soul looks like. The process is very intuitive and requires a level of sensitivity unfamiliar to Clark until recently. In March of 2011, he was invited to exhibit Soul Searching at The University of Texas’s Pan American Festival of International Books and Arts (Festiba 2011). In 2010, his Metaphysikos series was exhibited at Loyola University, John Felice Center, Rome. In 2013, his Paris show will be facilitated by French magic realism artist, Kathleen Scarboro. Clark received his BFA from the University of New Mexico in the late 1960’s. He works with acrylic paint on opalescent Mylar applied with kitchen spatulas. Printmaking is created with water soluble inks. His paintings, drawings, ornate totemic sculptures and monoprints have been featured in galleries in New Mexico, Texas, Italy and Mexico. He also writes poetry in the ancient Chinese-style of Baqua to compliment his artistic passion.

Galactic Soul

"Galactic Soul" by Kirk Clark (Photo: Lori Bravo)

Clark has followed in the footsteps of his artistic parents, Charles and Dorothy Clark who co-founded the International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen, Texas, a Smithsonian-affiliate. It is the premier art and science museum of South Texas providing hands-on science exhibits and an extensive collection of original works of art that are also used as teaching platforms for creativity and innovation. Clark is no stranger to Taos. His Ancient Ones series was showcased at a sold-out show at the Michael McCormick Gallery in 2005 and Atomic Jesus was featured at The Zane-Wheeler Gallery in 2004.  Clark donates all proceeds of his art to various non-profits and charities, locally and internationally. For example, Ancient Ones raised $50,000 for the University of Coahuila in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. Atomic Jesus proceeds went to benefit Child-Rite, Inc. of Taos.

Kirk Clark, an avid collector of Veloy Vigil’s work, family friend and printmaking student at Michael Vigil’s, Graphic Impressions, sees a dynamic synergy between his art and Dan’s art. Clark says “This show is a dream come true for me. Although Dan and I come from divergent paths and disciplines, we are both beings of faith. We are looking forward to engaging with the public through our provocative duality of vision both at the workshops and on opening night.” A broadcast quality film documentary about both artists co-produced by Delighted Eye Video of Santa Fe and Pyatt Productions of Taos is also in production.


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