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Clark donates artwork to La Joya’s John F. Kennedy Elementary


LA JOYA — The La Joya school district’s John F. Kennedy Elementary will soon be the home of a piece from Kirk Clark’s Atomic Jesus art series.

Local automobile dealer, insurance agent, and artist, Clark, of Clark Chevrolet and Clark-Knapp Honda, visited the campus after sponsoring the Newspapers in Education program at the elementary. Since the visit fell on Memorial Day, Clark began by stressing
the significance of honoring veterans and the importance of history.

“The more you can understand history, the more you can understand the present,” Clark said.

He spoke to students about his personal history and his love of art. The students asked many questions, from what car he drove to whether he enjoyed school as a child. Clark offered the school a piece from his Atomic Jesus art series after being introduced to
JFK’s SWAT (Students With A Testimony) club, a student-initiated Bible club.

Clark encouraged students to set goals and make plans on how to achieve them. “It is important to have a vision,” Clark said. “There is nothing more important than the opportunities this education will give you.”

Newspapers in Education is a national program designed to integrate newspapers and current events with lessons in the classroom. As a sponsor, Clark ensures that thousands of copies of the local newspaper are sent to JFK where students are able to use them as
part of their schoolwork.