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‘Celebration of Spirit: The Clark Legacy’ at the International Museum of Art & Science

Special to The Monitor

McALLEN — The International Museum of Art & Science will present a Kirk Clark Retrospective, “Celebration of Spirit: The Clark Legacy,” from March 9- June 18. The exhibition is guest curated by Yvonamor Palix and the public is invited to attend an opening reception for the exhibit from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, March 9.

“Celebration of Spirit” is an invitation to the community of the Rio Grande Valley as well as the international community to delight in the historical contributions of a unique family in the area of fine art.

The exhibition will encompass three main bodies of art work: the donated art works of Dorothy and Charles Clark to IMAS, works produced by Kirk Clark from 1963 to the present, and a selection of works by Anne Clark Lawson.

The exhibition wishes to reflect the innate love and devotion with which Charles and Dorothy Clark developed one of the most outstanding contemporary art collections in the United States. This couple traveled to the far corners of the world in order to research and explore the unknown frontiers of art. They returned with visual treasures and magnificent experiences that they would be only too eager to share with their family, friends and community. They gifted a great part of their collection to more than 34 museums and institutions all over the country.

This unique and dedicated couple opened a window of reflection on a humanistic, ideological and political standpoint of the world in which they lived by creating a cultural bridge with other regions and countries through the language of art. The passion and dedication to art that Charles and Dorothy Clark enjoyed brought the world to the Valley and the Valley to the rest of the world.

This legacy is continued through the artistic production and contributions of their son, Kirk, who has continued his faithful commitment to the family’s tradition by collecting,  producing and sponsoring cultural and artistic events locally and internationally.

For the first time, the public will have access to a lifetime production of art by Kirk Clark. The exhibition will include early works as well as his most recent productions. The many series that the public will have the opportunity to enjoy range from his Atomic Jesus series to the Angels Path series. The variety of mediums Clark has experimented with is a feast for the eyes and source of inspiration to the creative youth of the community. His work reflects not only uniqueness in technique, but also his natural calling to explore life and the eternal question of existence through his own artistic adventure.

The relationship with art that Kirk Clark dwells in was inherited from his parents and is in constant evolution and growth by way of his mesmerizing drawings, totemic sculptures and experimental prints.

These works are the product of a rare and unique artistic idiom that the public will enjoy discovering. Through Clark’s own artistic process, he has transmitted much of his talent and restless artistic sense to his daughter, Anne Clark Lawson, whose work continues the legacy in her own contemporary style and grace. The selection of her work that the public will view includes a series of elaborative created masks that envelope the spectator in a primitive universe contrasted with a taste of futurism.

Yvonamor Palix, the curator for this exhibit, is an international art curator who has worked regularly with the Cultural Ministries of France and Mexico as well as having owned and operated galleries in Paris and Mexico City for almost 15 years — Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix. Some of the traveling exhibitions that she has curated for museums include: Fugitive Fluctuations, La Mariee, Flor y Canto, the Roberto Fernandez Balbuena — Retrospective, Hygiene. Her experience as an art consultant has led her to work with many prestigious institutions and corporate collections such as The Haemlin Museum-Seoul, The Jeu de Paume Museum Paris, Fundacion Telefonica-Madrid, Bancomer-Mexico City, Fondation Pepsi Cola-France, UBS, Dutch Bank, and the World Bank among others.

On the occasion of Kirk Clark’s retrospective, a book titled A Celebration of Spirit will be released at IMAS along with a public book signing. The book will include more than 300 color images, several testimonials and texts related to the Clark artistic legacy.

For more information, call 682-1564.

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