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Kirk Clark organizes “Works of the Spirit” exhibit to benefit IMAS


McALLEN — The International Museum of Art & Science in McAllen announces a

special art exhibition organized by artist, philanthropist and local businessman Kirk


About five years ago, Clark exhibited with Amado Peña, a well-known artist from

New Mexico who introduced him to Legacy Art, an annual fundraiser that Peña’s

foundation uses to raise money for scholarships for underprivileged children. Clark was

inspired to put together “Works of the Spirit.”

This exhibition will feature original artwork by eight of New Mexico’s outstanding

artists, including Ronald Chee, Peña, Jim Rabby, Ed Sandoval, Jonathan Sobol, brothers

Dan and Michael Vigil, and Thom Wheeler. Clark and two other local artists, Richard

Hyslin and Joe Taylor, will also participate.

“Each of these artists has a very special and generous soul, and I am honored and

delighted that each of them has agreed to participate, and be present for, the opening of

the exhibit,” Clark said.

The artists will each donate half of all sales proceeds to the museum, with the

exception of Clark, who will donate 100 percent of the proceeds.

The exhibition features a variety of original work, with a variety of mediums to choose

from. The art work will be for sale beginning Thursday, April 10, from 6-8 p.m. at the

opening reception where attendees will be able to meet the artists, buy the art, make new

friends and support IMAS.

“My wife Jeri and I have been real believers in the International Museum of Art &

Science in McAllen for years. No other institution in the community is prepared to

provide exceptional art as well as an exceptional science experience as IMAS is prepared,

willing and able to do,” Clark said. “Through continued support of the community, the

museum is capable of reaching its full potential. It couldn’t happen without these talented

folks, our generous sponsors and our friends at the museum. Come join us.”

For information about this program, call IMAS at 956-682-0123 or visit the exhibition

Web site at www. worksofthespirit.com.