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Soul Searching Series

As I look back over the last eleven years at my art work, I find a common thread. That thread is a fascination with my belief that God created the universe — Intelligent Design. If there was a beginning of the universe, then there must have been a Beginner.

I have been fascinated for years with sound, music, the sounds of nature and the resonance of the human voice. I believe all are connected to the creator, who I firmly believe created the universe and everything in it by his command.

At one level or another, my art work attempts to interpret the harmonic resonance of creation. “In the beginning there was God, and God was the Word.”  It is my belief that God vocally commanded the universe to begin and the harmonic resonance from that sound continues today  in everything, living or not.  When I hear sound,  I visualize the molecular structure of sound, the patterns of sound.  At different octave levels of sound, I see color.

Soul Searching Series

Acrylic paint on reflective mylar.

Alex's Soul

The science of Cymatics, the visualization of sound, is about the patterns that are created by sound; in my view these patterns are the foundation of the fractal nature of our universe and all of God’s creations.  I believe that the human soul resonates at the highest frequency and as such is the most difficult resonance to visualize.

My Soul Searching series attempts to portray what I visualize when I consider  what the resonance of what an individual’s soul looks like. The process is very intuitive and  requires a level of sensitivity unfamiliar to me until recently. I hope that you enjoy the works. Your soul may be next!

Spirit engaged,

Kirk Clark